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🎸 Rock & Roll Kids Camp: Week 5 School of Rock Jr. Edition

🎤Hey there little rockers! Are you ready to rock out? Get ready for a week full of music, fun, and awesome performances as we explore the exciting world of rock and roll!

🎸 School's Out for SUMMER!: "School's out for SUMMER!" and it's time to turn up the music at MindSprout's School of Rock Jr.! Dive into the wonderful world of rock music and discover all the cool sounds, beats, and rhythms together. From classic tunes to new favorites, there's so much to explore!

🎵 Find Your Jam: "What's your jam?" Let's find out as we groove and move together. Whether you want to sing, dance, or play along with the band, there's a spot for everyone on stage. Get ready to shine like a rock star!

🌍 MindSprout-palooza: "MindSprout-palooza" takes us on a musical adventure around the world! Explore different types of music from different places, like reggae from Jamaica, hip hop from the city, and even some cool techno beats. Get ready to dance and sing along as we rock out to global rhythms!

🎉 Join the Fun: Join us for a week of music, friends, and lots of fun. Whether you're strumming a guitar, banging on drums, or singing your heart out, there's no better place to be than at Rock & Roll Kids Camp. Enroll now and let's rock together!

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