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Welcome to MindSprout Summer Camp!
Kaleidoscope Program (ages 4-8) - where every child's imagination comes to life! 


MindSprout Summer Camp's Kaleidoscope program delivers an exciting summer experience for ages 4-8, boasting eight themed weeks. From art and science wonders to CSI mysteries, LEGO building, culinary creativity, and music jam sessions, there's something for every camper. Join us for an unforgettable summer of adventure and friendship. Enroll now and let the fun begin!

EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: $50 off each session ends April 15

  • Art Explorers Summer Camp June 3-7  Unleash your Creativity

  • CSI Investigators Camp June 10-14  The CSI Challenge

  • Young Chefs Cooking Camp June 17-21   Culinary Adventures

  • Junior Brick Builders Camp:June 24-28 - Lego Creation Adventure

  • Rock & Roll Jam Camp:July 8-12  School of Rock Edition

  • Idea Playground Camp:July 15-19  - Inventors' Edition 

  • Young Explorers Science Camp July 22-26  - Bill Nye Junior Edition

  • Summer Fun Adventurers Camp July 29-Aug 2- Anything Goes!

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Art Explorers Summer Camp:
June 3-7  Unleash your Creativity
9am-3pm  early bird $235

Attention young artists aged 4-8! Get ready for an immersive artistic journey at our Art Explorers Summer Camp tailored just for you!

  • Explore Artistic Mediums: Dive into painting landscapes and sculpting clay with boundless creativity.

  • Embrace Self-Expression: With supportive instructors, discover new skills and bring your unique visions to life.

  • Showcase Your Talent: Display your creations in our "Art Explorers Gallery" and let your talent shine.

  • Join Us: Experience a week of inspiration, discovery, and the freedom to unleash your inner artist!

detective boy

CSI Investigators Camp:
June 10-14  The CSI Challenge
early bird $225

Attention junior agents! Dive into an action-packed week as a forensic scientist at our CSI Investigator Summer Camp.

  • Navigate Challenges: Prove your skills as the ultimate CSI investigator by solving puzzles and mysteries.

  • Craft CSI Gear: Create your own gadgets and gear, analyzing fingerprints and decoding messages.

  • Crack Cases: Collaborate to uncover clues and solve mysteries, mastering the art of investigation.

  • Join the Adventure: Experience suspense and camaraderie in becoming the next generation of CSI investigators. Enroll now for an unforgettable summer adventure!


Young Chefs Cooking Camp:
June 17-21   Culinary Adventures

9am-3pm   early bird $235

Get ready to whip up some culinary magic! Calling all little budding chefs aged 4-8 for a delightful week of cooking exploration and delicious discoveries.

  • Culinary Challenges: Take on exciting cooking challenges inspired by shows like "Chopped," promoting teamwork and creativity.

  • Recipe Booklet: Receive a Young Chefs Cooking Camp recipe booklet filled with culinary delights and memories to treasure and share.

  • Join the Fun: Enroll now for a week of delicious discoveries and unforgettable moments in the kitchen!


Junior Brick Builders Camp:
June 24-28 - Lego Creation Adventure
early bird $235

Get ready for a week of imaginative fun and building excitement! Calling all young builders aged 4-8 to join our delightful journey into the world of LEGO.

  • Lego Creation Adventure: Immerse yourself in daily challenges igniting imagination and teamwork with special building cards for competition.

  • Junior Master Builder: Complete 30 challenges to earn the title, plus a Lego-themed treat to share.

  • Enroll now for Lego Creation Adventure Week and unleash your creativity!


Rock & Roll Jam Camp:
July 8-12  School of Rock Edition
  early bird $225

Hey young musicians! Are you ready to rock out? Get set for a week of music, fun, and awesome performances at MindSprout's School of Rock Jr.!

  • School's Out for SUMMER!: Rock out to classic tunes and new favorites, diving into the world of rock music.

  • Find Your Jam: Sing, dance, or play your way to stardom, with a spot for everyone to shine.

  • MindSprout-palooza: Explore global rhythms from reggae to techno in a musical journey around the world.

  • Join the Fun: Jam on instruments or sing your heart out at Rock & Roll Kids Camp. Enroll now for a rocking adventure!


Idea Playground Camp:
July 15-19  - Inventors' Edition 
  early bird $225

Get ready for a week of imagination, teamwork, and fun at Young Inventors Camp!

  • Step into the Idea Playground: Explore new ideas and inventions, from magical trampolines to glowing Christmas lights.

  • Inventors' Shark Tank: Pitch your ideas to friendly judges, building confidence and problem-solving skills.

  • Showcase Your Inventions: Share your creations, from prototypes to blueprints, and inspire others with your imagination.

  • Join us: Enroll now at Young Inventors Camp for a week of excitement and inspiration! Let's start inventing together!


Young Explorers Science Camp
July 22-26  - Bill Nye Junior Edition
  early bird $235

Get ready for an incredible week of discovery and hands-on learning at our Science Adventure Camp, inspired by the amazing Bill Nye!

  • Wow with Science: Engage in thrilling experiments like exploding baggies and bottle rockets, exploring chemical reactions and physics.

  • Brainiacs in Training: Learn science safety, the scientific method, and tools used by scientists through hands-on experiments like making a watermelon volcano and creating fog in a jar.

  • Outdoor Explorations and Lab Adventures: Enjoy gooey experiments, glittery slime, and fascinating oobleck in outdoor explorations and science labs.

  • Enroll Now: Join us for a week filled with discovery and excitement! Enroll now at Science Adventure Camp and let the exploration begin!


Summer Fun Adventurers Camp:
July 29-Aug 2- Anything Goes!
  early bird $225

Get ready for the ultimate summer adventure! Designed for children ages 4-8, Anything Goes week offers an unforgettable mashup of all the best activities from our summer camps.

  • Kaleidoscope of Experiences: Unleash creativity with art, cooking, and building activities tailored for every camper's interests.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Adventures: Dive into nature, games, and friendships in a secure setting, from canvas painting to LEGO building.

  • Surprises and Unexpected Twists: Get ready for unexpected fun as we close out an unforgettable summer with excitement and discovery!



MARCH 29 from 11am-1pm.

  • Experience a taste of our eight themed weeks at our Summer Camp Open House.

  • Engage in exciting art projects and hands-on STEM experiences.

  • Exclusive summer camp discounts available only at the Open House.

  • RSVP for a chance to win fantastic door prizes!


$25 off each session ends April 1

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