Frequently asked questions

​What do you mean by "Custom Education"?

​Simply put, education isn't a one-size fits all endeavor. At MindSprout, we know all children learn and progress differently. That's why we offer programs that are customized to each child's unique needs.

What is your teaching philosophy?

​We are first a Montessori program, however; we utilize best practices from many teaching philosophies in order to customize our instruction to each child's unique needs and learning style. As educators, we are flexible in our thinking and keep up to date in our methodology and training. Hands-on activities and experimentation are highly valued in our program, and we encourage children to explore their interests whenever possible.

Why are your classes so small?

We like to keep our groups and classes small. This allows us to provide more concentrated and customized instruction for your child. It also allows for a closer sense of community. We believe the social and emotional learning facilitated in this setting is just as important as academics.

Where are you located?

We are located in Old Town Spring and serve The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and Greater Houston area.

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

  • 10+ years teaching experience
  • State certified
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree

What are your safety guidelines?

​MindSprout has a COVID-19 screening policy. Additionally, students' temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Parents are asked to keep students home if they have shown COVID-19 symptoms within the past 24 hours.

Our classrooms are equipped with air purifiers with UV-C light technology and our facility is sanitized in accordance with CDC guidelines.

What curriculum do you use?

​MindSprout Hybrid Homeschool is a secular and eclectic homeschool program. All of our curriculum is very hands-on and engaging. We do not believe in relying on workbooks and worksheets. They are used sparingly and always in addition to a hands-on exercise. Most of the learning in the classroom is very tactile and sensory, such as educational games and experiments. We use science of reading aligned curriculum and the Montessori method.

How is your hybrid school different?

​When we plan your child's weekly lessons, we keep their individual needs in mind. There will be similarities to others in your child's lesson plans, but there will also be areas where their specific needs are addressed. For example, if your child is working on mastering a specific math concept, extra practice for that may be included. Maybe your child loves and excels in science. In that case, we may include a special science lesson they would enjoy.

What subjects do you teach?

Subjects covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Science
  • Cultural Studies
  • Math
  • Botany
  • Geography
  • Art

When will my child attend the hybrid school in person?

Students will either attend Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. There is a Fun Friday option for an additional fee.