"My son absolutely LOVES going to MindSprout! He asks every day how many more days until school and loves to mark the days on the calendar each month. I'm so glad we found [this program] for him!"

Mandy G./ parent

" You know you are doing your jobs well when the kids think learning is playing!"

Leanne S./mother of four

"My boys, pre-K and Kindergarten, had an amazing year learning with Ms. Desiree! They were able to experience learning one-on-one at their own pace but still participate in the fun things like Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Christmas parties. They advanced so much during the school year. My pre-k can write his own letters and is doing a great job with letter recognition. He can count and is showing interest in reading. My kindergartener started a conversation with me about tectonic plates! He has learned a wealth of knowledge across many subjects this past school year and has made great strides with reading and math. We couldn't be happier with their learning experience this past year. Thank you, Ms. Desiree!"

Elizabeth C./mother of two

"Desiree is such an amazing asset. She stepped in privately to teach my 7 year old. Desiree was able to connect easily with her and they were able to create a bond that made learning easy and fun. My daughter always looked forward to seeing her and really enjoyed the science experiments they did together.

Desiree was always on time and clearly communicated with me what my child needed, and was always prepared. I will always use her for my child's private educational needs. Desiree is definitely a rare gem and I really appreciate the service she provides."

Stephen B./father

"Ms. Corbin was a savior for my 13 year old son who is on the autism spectrum. He began having problems in 6th grade and was adamant about not going to school. We tried online school with tutors, and homeschooling (disaster since I’m definitely not a teacher!) Then we were introduced to Desiree and what a difference! She worked with our son for a year. Not only was she able to catch him up to his grade level, but he loved learning with her. After a year and a half, she had him ready to go to a private school where the classes are much smaller but he is now socializing some and doing 9th grade work. Thank you Ms. Corbin!!"

Johanna C./parent

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