Hybrid School

Our Montessori hybrid school is enrolling for our Primary (3 to 6 year old) and Lower Elementary (6 to 9 year old) programs. Students attend in-person two days per week. Detailed customized lesson plans are provided starting at age 5 for the days of the week your child is home, in order to support your family in the homeschool journey. Your child's customized lesson plan will reinforce areas needing extra practice and provide more challenging lessons where appropriate. We also offer an enrichment day called Fun Friday.

Enrichment Classes

MindSprout offers a variety of programs for homeschooled children. While we are primarily a hybrid school,  we also offer enrichment classes to the homeschool community. Our enrichment classes are meant to enhance the homeschool experience by providing instruction in areas of interest and/or in areas of need, as well as being a social outlet.


Fun Friday

Does your homeschooled child need social interaction? Do they like science and art?  Look no further.

Are you ready to get started?