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Welcome to MindSprout Summer Camp!

Excelsior Program (Ages 9-12) - Where Every Journey Leads to Discovery!


Camp Excelsior invites young adventurers aged 9-12 to an immersive summer experience with eight themed weeks. From artistic expression to scientific exploration, CSI investigations, LEGO challenges, and more, our camp offers excitement and learning. Enroll now and let the adventure begin!

EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: $50 off each session ends April 30

  • Art Voyage Summer Camp June 3-7 -Unleash Your Creative Genius!

  • CSI Training Camp June 10-14 - Forensic Investigation Extravaganza

  • Junior Culinary Masters Camp June 17-21 - Gourmet Creations

  • Master Brick Builders Camp June 24-28-  Lego Design Adventure

  • Rock & Roll Jam Camp July 8-12  - School of Rock Edition

  • Innovator's Workshop​ July 15-19 - Shark Tank Challenge

  • Scientific Explorers' Quest Camp July 22-26 - Bill Nye Edition

  • Summer Camp Fusion July 29-Aug 2  - All-Inclusive Extravaganza!


Art Voyage Summer Camp:
June 3-7 -Unleash Your Creative Genius!
   early bird $235

Calling all young artists aged 9-12! Get ready for an electrifying week-long artistic journey designed exclusively for you.

  • Craft Your Masterpiece: Immerse yourself in dynamic workshops, from painting vibrant scenes to sculpting clay creations.

  • Express Your Inner Visionary: Tackle captivating art projects with supportive teachers, igniting your imagination and watching your talents flourish.

  • Artistic Showcase Extravaganza: Unveil your creations in our "Art Voyage Gallery," captivating audiences with your ingenuity.

  • Unleash Your Inner Artisan: Join us for a week of inspiration and artistic exploration at Art Voyage Summer Camp!


CSI Training Camp:
June 10-14 - Forensic Investigation Extravaganza
 9am-3pm  early bird $225

Attention, young sleuths-in-training! Get ready for an electrifying week.

  • Join us for an immersive adventure in crime scene investigation, unlocking mysteries and honing detective skills.

  • Calling all Investigators: Embark on thrilling missions, analyzing evidence, decoding messages, and cracking cases wide open.

  • Forensic Exploration: Dive into forensic science techniques, gathering evidence, examining fingerprints, and reconstructing crime scenes.

  • Collaborative Deduction: Uncover clues, piece evidence together, and collaborate with fellow detectives to solve mysteries.

  • Enroll now for a week of adrenaline, intrigue, and camaraderie in the thrilling world of forensic investigation!


Junior Culinary Masters Camp: June 17-21 - Gourmet Creations
   early bird $235

Prepare to ignite your culinary passion. Join us for a gastronomic journey where young chefs aged 9-12 will delve into the art of cooking and uncover the secrets behind their favorite dishes.

  • Pizza Perfection: Dive into pizza exploration, crafting unique masterpieces and mastering essential cooking techniques.

  • Global Flavor Expedition: Explore diverse cuisines, mastering flavors from Mexican to traditional dishes worldwide.

  • Culinary Challenges: Tackle exciting cooking challenges inspired by culinary shows like "Chopped," showcasing creativity and teamwork.

  • Frontier Feast: Journey through the Wild West with cowboy-inspired meals, from cactus snack mix to cowboy chili pot pie.

  • Recipe Keepsakes: Receive a Junior Culinary Masters recipe booklet to cherish and share, concluding a week of gourmet delights and unforgettable memories. Enroll now for culinary adventures!

Image by Daniel K Cheung

Master Brick Builders Camp:
June 24-28-  Lego Design Adventure
 early bird $235

Join us for a week packed with thrilling challenges, innovation, and boundless possibilities as we dive into the dynamic world of LEGO.

  • Lego Design Magic: Dive into our Lego Design camp, where participants aged 9-12 tackle daily challenges crafted to ignite imagination and problem-solving skills.

  • Lego Design Wizards: Explore sophisticated tasks, from crafting structures to building complex mechanisms, perfect for seasoned builders or aspiring architects.

  • Master Builder Quest: Strive to become a "Master Builder" by conquering challenges and enjoy energizing snacks like Lego-themed pizza and cupcakes.

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Enroll now for an exhilarating week of challenges and camaraderie at Master Builders Camp! Let your creativity soar with Lego Design Adventure Week.

Image by Vasilios Muselimis

Rock & Roll Jam Camp
July 8-12  - School of Rock Edition
early bird $225

Calling all young rockers! Get ready to ignite the stage. 

  • Join us for an electrifying week of music, creativity, and unforgettable performances at our Rock & Roll Jam Camp.

  • School of Rock: Delve into the vibrant history of rock music, explore different genres, and learn about various instruments with no prior music experience necessary.

  • Global Grooves: Embark on a musical journey around the world, exploring diverse genres and cultures, from reggae to hip hop to techno.

  • Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Express yourself through music, whether you're playing guitar, drums, or singing. Enroll now and let the music take you to new heights!

MSweb-10 (1).jpg

Innovator's Workshop
July 15-19 - Shark Tank Challenge
early bird $225

Get ready to dive deep into the world of innovation! Join us for an exhilarating week packed with creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurial exploration as we ignite the inventive spirit within young minds.

  • Shark Tank Adventure: Embark on a journey to pitch groundbreaking ideas, from gadgets to solutions, in the "Shark Tank" realm of invention.

  • Skills for Success: Hone creative thinking, communication, and decision-making skills while forging friendships and creating lasting memories.

  • Ignite Your Inventive Prowess: Join us for a week of excitement and inspiration at Innovator's Workshop, where you can showcase your ingenuity to esteemed judges. Enroll now and let your inventive prowess shine!


Scientific Explorers' Quest Camp:
July 22-26 - Bill Nye Edition
early bird $235

Embark on an exhilarating scientific quest! Join us as we journey into the realm of science, drawing inspiration from the renowned Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  • Dive into Discovery: Explore scientific wonders with captivating experiments, from chemical reactions to bottle rockets, igniting curiosity and challenging young minds.

  • Brainiacs Program: Master safety protocols, the scientific method, and hands-on experiments, transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary phenomena.

  • Outdoor and Lab Adventures: Enjoy outdoor experiments and engaging lab sessions, uncovering the secrets of science in every exploration.

  • Fuel Your Curiosity: Indulge in tantalizing snacks like paper bag kettle popcorn, fizzy lemonade, fruit-filled treats, and astronaut-inspired cuisine, fueling scientific curiosity.

  • Prepare for Adventure: Enroll now for a week of thrilling scientific exploration and discovery! Let the quest begin!


Summer Camp Fusion
July 29-Aug 2  - All-Inclusive Extravaganza!
early bird $225

Prepare for a week of exhilarating fun and excitement. Join us for an extraordinary experience where we blend together the finest activities from all our summer camps into one thrilling week of adventure.

  • Creative Workshops: Campers embrace a blend of activities from previous weeks, exploring art, culinary arts, building, and science.

  • Culinary Delights: Experience artistic expression, culinary mastery, musical exploration, LEGO challenges, and scientific discovery.

  • Epic Jam Sessions: Dive into outdoor adventures, creative projects, and hands-on activities, promising boundless excitement for campers aged 9-12.

  • Unforgettable Memories: Enroll now for surprises and excitement as we celebrate the grand finale of summer camp in style! Let the adventure begin!



MARCH 29 from 11AM-1PM

  • Experience a taste of our eight themed weeks at our Summer Camp Open House.

  • Engage in exciting art projects and hands-on STEM experiences.

  • Exclusive summer camp discounts available only at the Open House.

  • RSVP for a chance to win fantastic door prizes!


$25 off each session ends April 1

enroll today

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