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Take Education Beyond the Classroom.

We offer fun in the sun with real world lessons in our hybrid Montessori outdoor learning facilities. Our outdoor education programs provide our students a stronger grasp of science, math, history and art, all while enjoying activities in the great outdoors. This hands-on approach helps children relate and understand the subject matter on a deeper level. Programs and lessons are guided by our  Montessori staff, to help your child gain a practical understanding of the world around them.

Below are some sample activities:

Gardening: Gardening is a great way to teach children a variety of skills and stimulate their senses through fun and exciting hands-on activities. Your child will get to experience building and maintaining a real garden and learn the science behind different plant species, weather conditions, the environment, nutrition, medicinal uses, harvest schedules, and more all in our beautiful garden space.


Arts: Our Arts program helps your child understand all forms of artistic expression on a broader level, incorporating music, performance, and visual projects. From the study of different composers and artists throughout history, to the creation and use of musical instruments and visual art, students will gain a deeper insight into the various forms of creative expression that stimulates young minds. Students will even get to create and perform their own work.


Imaginative Play: An important part of a student’s development is learning to use their imagination. Our Mud Kitchen exercises are designed to help students develop critical, independent thought and problem-solving skills while playing games and losing themselves in creative thought.

*activities will be conducted indoors during inclement weather


Enrollment is for the academic year (September- May). Installment options are available, contact


Class meets Friday from 1-3pm

2023-24 Sprouts Outdoors ages 4-9 (Sept-May)- Friday only

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